Authorized U.S. Distributor/Importer
Central Computers is a Comkia authorized U.S. distributor/importer.
Central Computers has 6 local retail stores in the bay area California, and provides a wide selection of high quality comkia products with the lowest possible wholesale price, and a low minimum order quantity.
- Wholesale Pricing
- Low Minimum Order Quantity
- Easy Secured Payment
- Fast Shipping
- Available for both Online Order and Local Purchase
Mini DVI/Displayport | DisplayPort Cable | HDMI Cable
DVI Cable | VGA Cable | Video & Audio Cable
HDMI Repeater | HDMI Extender | HDMI Switcher
HDMI Splitter | HDMI Wallplate | HDMI Converter
HDMI Matrix | VGA Extender/Splitter | HDMI Adapter
HDD Docking station | HardDisk Enclosure | USB/Cat5e Extender
Displayport Adapter | USB Converter
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