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Note: If there is an item you wish to add to this build that is not on this configurator, please add your desired item to cart and leave a your instructions on the Order Notes in your  Shopping Cart before Check-out.

1U Rackmount [4x 2.5" Drive Bays]
Supermicro SYS-1029GQ-TRT [ $2,499.95]
Intel Xeon purley CPU Processor (Dual)
(6-Cores/6-Threads) (1.7GHz) Intel Xeon bronze 3104 [ $229.95]
(8-Cores/8-Threads) (1.7Ghz) Intel Xeon Bronze 3106 [ $315.95]
(8-Cores/16-Threads) (2.1GHz up to 3.0Ghz) Intel Xeon Silver 4110 [ $519.95]
(10-Cores/20-Threads) (2.2Ghz up to 3.0Ghz) Intel Xeon Silver 4114 [ $749.95]
(12-Cores/24-Threads) (2.2Ghz up to 3.0Ghz) Intel Xeon Silver 4116 [ $1,099.95]
(12-Cores/24-Threads) (2.3Ghz up to 3.2Ghz) Intel Xeon Gold 5118 [ $1,399.95]
(14-Cores/28-Threads) (2.2Ghz up to 3.2Ghz) Intel Xeon Gold 5120 [ $1,699.95]
(16-Cores/32-Threads) (2.1Ghz up to 3.7Ghz) Intel Xeon Gold 6130 [ $1,999.95]
(18-Cores/36-Threads) (2.3Ghz up to 3.7Ghz) Intel Xeon Gold 6140 [ $2,499.95]
(20-Cores/40-Threads) (2.0Ghz up to 3.7Ghz) Intel Xeon Gold 6138 [ $2,899.95]
(20-Cores/40-Threads) (2.4Ghz up to 3.7Ghz) Intel Xeon Gold 6148 [ $3,299.95]

(1x8GB) ECC/Registered DDR4-2400Mhz - D746R [ $109.00]
(1x16GB) ECC/Registered DDR4-2400Mhz - D749R [ $189.00]
(1x32GB) ECC/Registered DDR4-2400Mhz - D750R [ $335.00]
(480GB SSD) Samsung PM863A Series Solid State Drive [ $305.95]
(960GB SSD) Samsung PM863A Series Solid State Drive [ $519.95]
(1.9TB SSD) Samsung PM863A Series Solid State Drive [ $995.95]
Raid Options
Please choose the following option for RAID configuration with the Storage Drives you selected:

  • RAID 0 – Striping (Minimum 2x Drives Required)
  • RAID 1 – Mirroring (Minimum 2x Drives Required)
  • RAID 5 – Striping with parity (Minimum 4x Drives Required)
  • RAID 6 – Striping with double parity (Minimum 4x Drives Required)
  • RAID 10 – Combining mirroring and striping (Minimum 4x Drives Required)
  • No RAID Configuration [ $0.00]
    RAID 0 Configuration [ $0.00]
    RAID 1 Configuration [ $0.00]
    RAID 5 Configuration [ $0.00]
    RAID 6 Configuration [ $0.00]
    RAID 10 Configuration [ $0.00]
    RAID (Other) - Please leave a note at your Check-Out Notes about your specific RAID needs [ $0.00]
    WorkStation Graphics Card
    Click here to see a few notes about the differences between a Workstation GPU and Consumer GPU's
    In case if you wondering why you would prefer a Workstation card:

    Although Workstation cards are similar in hardware and developed in a similar manner to consumer GPU's (i.e. GTX 10 series/Radeon Rx cards), they are actually researched and optimized to contain the following features:

    - Workstation cards are developed to handle serious strains of work over long periods of time (i.e long-duration video and/or 3D rendering).
    - Workstaion graphics cards have preset drivers to work with an immense variety of software. Developmental software will work much faster/smoother with these cards off the back, saving you the time/labor of configuring your system/monitor to work with the software.
    - The hardware on Workstation cards offer unique features specific to rendering/color that consumer cards do not have.
    - Workstation Video RAM contains ECC (Error Correcting Code) RAM, opposed to regular non-ECC RAM found on consumer cards. With that in mind, Workstation cards process 4K quality much smoother than consumer GPU's.

    Choosing a regular consumer GPU does not mean you'll get hindered performance, just not optimized for certain jobs. Consumer GPU's are much versatile, and still would be your better option for Gaming, and still handle some of the rendering work with standard computer components and/or monitor(s).

    (Workstation) PNY Quadro P4000 8GB GDDR5 (VCQP4000-PB) [ $799.95]
    (Workstation) PNY Quadro P5000 16GB GDDR5X (VCQP5000-PB) [ $1,899.95]
    (Workstation) PNY Quadro GP100 16GB HBM2 (VCQGP100-PB) [ $6,499.95]
    (Consumer) Asus Strix GTX 1080 Ti Gaming 11GB (STRIX-GTX1080TI-11G-GAMING) [ $859.95]
    (Consumer) EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 11GB (11G-P4-6696-KR) [ $929.95]
    (Server) Nvidia Tesla P100 12GB (900-2H400-0003-000) [ $4,999.95]
    (Server) Nvidia Tesla P100 16GB (900-2H400-0000-000) [ $5,999.95]
    Server OS
    No Operating System [ $0.00]
    Linux - (Leave detail in notes in the Shopping Cart) [ $0.00]
    System Price: $4,073.80
    • Supermicro SYS-1029GQ-TRT 1
    • (6-Cores/6-Threads) (1.7GHz) Intel Xeon bronze 3104 1
    • (1x8GB) ECC/Registered DDR4-2400Mhz - D746R 1
    • (480GB SSD) Samsung PM863A Series Solid State Drive 1
    • No RAID Configuration 1
    • No Operating System 1
    • (Workstation) PNY Quadro P4000 8GB GDDR5 (VCQP4000-PB) 1